Saturday, February 4, 2017

Frozen February

As we begin our frosty February there are a few updates coming from the barn.

First of note, the chickens apparently have resumed egg laying after a two month hiatus.  While looking for a M.I.A. Delores at the morning feeding, I discovered her roosting on the chickens last known laying nest.  When she got up I discovered eggs!  They may have been accumulating over a couple of days time.  That is an unknown since I haven't been looking for eggs and wasn't expecting any for a month or so.  One egg had definitely been there long enough to freeze and crack.  Of course the temps have been brutal the last few nights so it could have been laid just on Friday.

As you can see, despite the freezing temperatures, the chickens are still happily doing chicken things, they're just doing them inside.

Bo unhappily blocked as I attempt to clean the boys stall.

The alpacas, especially the boys, are reluctant to venture outside.  I have to bribe them with hay just to get them to leave the stall long enough to get it cleaned.

Raphael and Bo grudgingly having hay alfresco.

With temperatures freezing, then having snow, then thawing and freezing again the snow build up on the barn roof is constantly sliding off.  It has now passed the bottom of the chicken coop window.  I don't recall it being this bad last winter.  Fortunately I'm not using the chicken coop door into the chicken run! 

Snow accumulations climbing up the side of the barn.

I've been working with the babies, getting them used to being handled and used to wearing a halter in preparation for possible shows later this year.  Faith was last to come on board with the whole halter thingy.  She questioned my judgment for awhile!  

"Why do I have to wear this thing?"

Linus is suffering from the winter doldrums and I have had a hard time coaxing him outside.  He hasn't ventured to the barn in over a week.

"Ugh who thought up winter?  I can't get any vole hunting in with all the cold white stuff on the ground!"
Last known siting of Linus in the barn.

I'm excited to finally have an organized office!  I've purchased canvas totes to store all the alpaca yarn and goods in.  I've also rearranged the office and feel it's functioning better and  I'm not dreading spending time in there.

New office arrangement and organization!
Though I'm not thrilled with the snow and the cold temperatures I can fully appreciate the beauty of a chilly sunrise as it turns the snow scape into a glistening vista.

Snow diamonds!

Happy February!!  Only six weeks till spring!

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  1. Love reading your nice post. You are so busy this winter!!! Your animals are so beautiful and you're doing such a great job with all of them. Happy February to you too:)